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Honda Walk-behind mower in Cumberland, MD

Honda Lawn Mowers

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Of all the landscaping areas that make your yard--or your client’s yard--look ten times better, nothing really beats a freshly mowed lawn. That clean cut and just-mowed-lawn smell are an easy way to make a chaotic scene look a little more manageable. But you won’t want to trust just any mower to help you get this done. Some of our favorite machines come from one of the industry leaders themselves, Honda. Honda residential and commercial lawn mowers offer a wide selection of features to help you mow any sized lawn. Just stop by Timbrook Honda in Cumberland, Maryland, and see them for yourself.

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Woman Pushing Honda HRS Lawn Mower in Cumberland, MD

HRS Side Discharge Residential Lawn Mowers

It’s the classic mower, the kind that your parents used and maybe even the kind your grandparents used. And now you can get one of your own from Honda. The HRS Side Discharge Residential Lawn Mowers are easy to use, affordable, and come in both push models and self-propelled models.


Woman Pushing Honda HRR Lawn Mower in Cumberland, MD

HRR Residential Lawn Mowers

These HRR Residential Lawn Mowers offer a wide range of features and models to give you your pick of some of the most efficient mowers yet. You’ll get superior cutting blades so you have a pristine finish every time. Plus, these mowers are incredibly easy to use, so there aren’t any extra bells and whistles for the landscaper who just needs to tackle a smaller yard every once in a while.


Man Mowing with Honda HRX Mower in Cumberland, MD

HRX Premium Residential Lawn Mowers

Sometimes you need a tougher machine to handle a tougher project or bigger property. That’s when you’ll want to turn to the HRX Premium Residential Lawn Mowers. These come with features specifically designed to help you tackle those particularly tough yards, including hydrostatic cruise control in some models. You’ll also get the 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Detector that will help you break down and efficiently dispose of all the clippings.


Man working with Honda HRC Mower in Cumberland, MD

HRC Commercial Lawn Mowers

For those looking for something for your professional projects that tackle bigger properties on a regular basis, then check out the HRC Commercial Lawn Mowers. These models come with more powerful engines and efficient handling, so there’s nothing holding you back from covering every inch of your property quickly and easily.


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